About Us

After years of frustration dealing with other suppliers’ hardware for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) that just didn’t work, Ken Clayton and Mike Rollins founded the Green Cycle Design Group in 2007. They previously worked together on dozens of gas-to-electric vehicle conversions and decided to challenge the status quo and make higher quality hardware they would want to have on their own BEVs.

“We are passionate about helping people build electric vehicles that are more efficient to operate and lots of fun to drive”, says Ken Clayton, CEO and co-founder.

All Green Cycle products have been developed after receiving extensive feedback from customers and installers to meet the unique requirements of BEVs. They are supported with detailed datasheets and useful installation instructions to ensure a successful installation is achieved. Green Cycle also provides complete kits that contain additional components and hardware needed for a complete vehicle installation. Customer technical support is available directly from the Green Cycle designers who also use these products in their vehicles. Taking these extra steps shows how committed Green Cycle is to provide high-performance hardware for BEVs that is easy to install and was designed for many years of use.

Watch a brief (MP4, 1:54 minute) video from the Green Cycle founders.