Auxiliary Lighting Board saves installation time

The Auxiliary Lighting Board (ALB) was designed to significantly reduce the labor needed for lighting installations in new and conversion vehicle projects.  Instead of spending hours salvaging an old electrical relay system from a donor vehicle, the ALB (read more)

Allison electric dune buggy

This ’76 Allison VW-powered dune buggy was converted to electric power by Green Cycle. Powered by a 108V 3-phase AC motor, it has with a top speed of 125MPH and range of 45 miles. It's performance is 0 – 60 MPH in <10 sec and operating cost is $.03 per mile. It is equipped with Green Cycle's 5-gauge kit, Auxilary Lighting Board and a few soon-to-be announced new products.

five gauges

Five Gauge & Data Recording Kit GCG1-A

three gauges

Three Gauge & Data Recording Kit GCG1-B

fuel gauge

Fuel Gauge & Data Recording Kit GCG1-C